WG 5.7: DAO - Where do the fees go?

In the spirit of transparency, WG 5.7 explored the distribution of the 2.5% fees on HEN through conversations with Rafael Lima to better understand the costs breakdown. As of May, server upkeep is approximately USD 1,500 / month. Leftover funds remaining in the hicetnunc2000labs wallet are delegated to a baker with the occasional payment to another wallet, presumably for development and server costs.

With the aspiration to move HEN to a 100% fully transparent stance, the group proposed a rough financial allocation where 50% will be set aside for hard costs (such as server hosting fees), with leftovers going to a “savings” wallet for upgrades or unforeseen circumstances. The other 50% will be re-invested for further development through bounties and expansion of the platform.

The group also added a maintenance fees page to the Github wiki and hopes to engage the help of more experienced developers to determine a better bounty program in the future.

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