WG 5.2: DAO - Value and Core Principles

Outlining a unified vision for hic et nunc

How a group is working on documenting and translating the community’s vision

The hic et nunc manifesto, is a project born with the intention of creating an objective vision, gathering the community’s ideas together into one document, to understand what the community (on which hic et nunc is based) wants for it, to build a brighter and more tangible future together. Given the strong power of the hic et nunc community, there is a necessity to build and share its ethical vision. That aims to highlight and outline the past, present, and future for our NFT community as it relates to the future of art and our planet. 

The manifesto is focused mainly on creating: social equality, chaotic and not systematic systems, technology improvements, art developments, planet safeguard and decentralization.

Many talented artists from all around the world have come together to foster a unique environment of creativity and freedom of expression. The goal of the manifesto is to gather the values and vision of the community in order to maintain this beautiful energy. 

During the September 2021 hicathon, a volunteer community-led hackathon event centered around the development of hic et nunc, the Working Group finalized edits for the community manifesto and have taken community input from the hicathon vote to make additional edits. In addition to the edits, the team has also translated the manifesto in six other languages including German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

The team is awaiting final input from Rafael Lima, the creator of hic et nunc, to finalize the document. In its final state Rafael will share the manifesto on Github, and eventually the goal will be to have it linked on the official hic et nunc website to give the community’s vision visibility to all visitors and users. 

It is important to note that the manifesto is meant to be a living document that is built by and for the community, so additional input and comments from members is always encouraged. Join the 5.2 Discord channel to share your thoughts and offer input. 

At the heart of Hic Et Nunc, WG 5.2 gathered the community’s thoughts to form a consensus about the community’s core values, manifesto, and HEN code of conduct. Written collectively and spanning twenty-seven pages, the document embodies the raw spirit of the community.

To finalise the manifesto and core values, the group seeks to implement a voting system to reach an official consensus and reconcile the ideas through conversation with the core HEN team.

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Continuing from the May Hicathon, the H=N gave direct feedback on the community manifesto and its direction through Henvote.xyz, a decentralised voting tool. 

With the community’s input, WG 5.2 finalized edits for the Community Manifesto and translated it into six languages: German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. 

After Rafael Lima confirms the final changes, the manifesto will be shared on the official Github and website. This community manifesto is a living document built by and for the community, and ideas and feedback from members will always be welcome. 

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View the work that WG 5.2: DAO - Value and Core Principles accomplished over hicathon!